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Day 20 after 4th Chemo Treatment

June 7, 2010

Today I am feeling Really Good!! So far I have been blessed with 2 whole days of feeling good during the past 20 days. That is the lowest amount of ‘feeling good days’ that I have had thus far in all the treatments. My energy is good, and except for some hand shaking I have no noticeable side effects. I slept well last night without taking a sleeping pill. I went and got blood work done this morning. The technician had no problem finding a vein & drew blood with no problems. I did some shopping. It is well over 100 degrees outside so I am mostly staying in, getting food ready for the next few days, mentally prepping for the next chemo treatment and working on projects.

Tomorrow I will get a check up and meet the oncologist who is taking over for the previous one. I’ll call this one Dr. R. Then I will have my 5th chemo treatment. I am going to try eating Lemon Sorbet during the infusion of the ‘Doxirubin‘  in order to keep my mouth cold. I am hoping this will be palatable and I do not get nauseous or throw-up during that infusion. I definitely need to keep my mouth colder than the last time because there was a noticeable increase in uncomfortable mouth side effects  as noted in this blog. Then it’s on to another round of side effects!!

I am still very uncomfortable with the situation at my job. I spoke with one of the employees today when I called for a question about a health insurance issue. There is still no information on the situation with the principal. It is ‘confidential’ per school board directive. She told me they have the contracts for next school year signed by board members with starting and ending dates but no employees have gotten copies of those. She is going to recommend to Audra [who I surmise is acting principal] that the employees be sent copies. That would be nice (and professional!).


Notes on What Happens After the Chemo Treatments are Done

June 7, 2010

From a conversation with the original oncologist 4/27/09:

What Happens after the Last Chemotherapy Treatment:

  • I will get a PET Scan 4 weeks after the last treatment to see where the lymphoma situation is at, re: cancerous areas
  • There is no standard oral treatment [medicine] after the last chemo treatment
  • Hopefully the Grade 3 lymphoma’s will be cured, that is the object of the chemo treatments
  • The Grade 1-2 may or may not be cured by the chemo
  • The Follicular Lymphoma is not necessary cured by the chemo
  • The goal of the chemo was to get rid of the fast growing cancer cells [Grade 3] so they will Not come back
  • Usually after the chemo treatment they see no active lymphoma.
  • The Grade 3 lymphoma’s are gone forever. That’s what the chemo is treating. They do not want it to come back.
  • Regarding the The lower Grade 1-2 lymphoma’s:
  1. There is a HUGE variation in the post chemo response.
  2. We are Hoping for a 3 year remission.
  3. Many people go many years without relapsing. The “R2CHOP” chemo treatment that I am getting  is very intensive.
  4. Some people relapse after 8-12 months even with only a low-grade lymphoma.

As far as the timing of the CT Scans: there is some flexibility as to when they do one. So far he has followed a protocol. But there is some flexibility as to when they do the scans. I should get a CT Scan at the end of the treatments, and possibly another one before then.

19 days after 4th Chemo Treatment

June 6, 2010

In Phoenix. Celebrated Ben’s birthday today with brunch at a nice restaurant. Feeling pretty good. No fatigue: I wonder if it was exacerbated by the altitude in Pinetop possibly? Hands shaking a little. Allergies acting up a little. None of the other side effects are acting up! Even my mouth feels normal for the first time in almost 3 weeks! It is 110 degrees outside so I am hanging out in the a/c. I get blood work tomorrow, doctors visit and 5th chemo treatment on Tuesday and Nuelasta shot on Wednesday. That’s all for now…

Day 18 after 4th Chemo Treatment

June 5, 2010

I’m back in Phoenix. It is Very hot here. I slept okay last night but needed to take 1/2 sleeping pill. Note that there is something in my bedroom in Pinetop that causes me to wake up with sinuses draining and a headache. Feeling a little less fatigued today, but taking things slow. Voice is fine. Ankles still swollen. Tongue is my mouth still rough like sand paper. Sinuses have been okay after taking an Advil Sinus pill first thing this morning. Rash is gone. Hands still shaking sometimes. Can taste all the food today, which is Great! Did okay driving down from Pinetop. I wish I could have stayed in Pinetop longer. The weather was beautiful and it was nice to be home, very quiet and peaceful and Bella got to play outside in the yard!

Day 17 after 4th Chemo Treatment

June 4, 2010

Still in Pinetop. Slept well last night without taking a sleeping pill but still woke up Very fatigued and had to mentally force myself to get out of bed and get going.!

My sinuses were acting up when I awoke so I took an Advil Sinus tablet, which helped.

I discovered during breakfast that I have very little Taste today. I can barely discern the orange in the Gatorade and the carrot juice flavor. Everything else has no taste, I can simply tell the texture. If I had a blind fold on I would not know what I was eating!

Hands are not shaking as bad as yesterday. Voice is not hoarse and rash is gone. Ankles are slightly swollen.

I fertilized the gardens in my yard with enriched soil [4-40 pound bags of it], painted the garage door and cut up the small oak tree branches into kindling size pieces. It took me from 11:30-4 p.m. to do this. I had to take breaks frequently and drank a lot of fluids.

I mentally moved past the fatigue and some associated achiness in order to get this stuff done.  Fortunately the weather is beautiful! Now I am very tired and have been out of breath for a while.

I have to take each day as it comes, but I am still bewildered as to why I have these side effects this long after the chemo treatment. I would love to just feel NORMAL for a few days! Need to drive back to Phoenix tomorrow. Temperatures there are over 100 degrees, not looking forward to that. That’s all for now.

Day 16 After 4th Chemo Treatment

June 3, 2010

An other day in Pinetop. Slept well with the aid of 1/2 sleeping pill. But woke up at 6 a.m. with a major sinus headache. I was out of the ‘Wal-itin D’ so I took and Advil Sinus tab. Eventually the headache went away, but I was achy, sore around my eyes, nasal drip and felt tired. As the day wore on these symptoms disappeared.

My hands have been shaking a lot. I wish that would stop.  It is hard to control. My mouth is still a little sore. The rashes are gone. I am feeling fatigued, but I was still able to do errands, visit with friends and do a little yard work.  It was a mental determination to do these things that helped me over ride & ignore the fatigue. My voice is no longer hoarse. I have been drinking a lot of fluids because my entire mouth gets dried out very quickly. I am not sure if that is a medical issue or it is just drier here than in Phoenix. I got the results of my blood work from Tuesday. Katie said everything is fine and the numbers look good.

I just am in disbelief that I am still feeling fatigued this many days after the chemo treatment. What a hassle! I have several things to do around the house tomorrow and I am determined to do them regardless of how I feel. Enough is Enough!

Day 15 after 4th Chemo Treatment

June 2, 2010

Slept well last night with aid of 1/2 sleeping pill. Getting a good nights sleep seems to have a profound effect on my day. The fatigue was not as intense as it has been. If I do something labor intensive [like pull nails out of the wood slats on my house like I did this morning prior to getting it painted] I have to sit and rest for a while afterward. The hoarseness in my voice is lessening. The rash is almost gone. The soreness in my mouth is still there. The shaky hands are still frequent. No swollen ankles. I walked around Woodland Lake at a moderate pace and did well. There was very little wind today so my sinuses did not bother me very much. My eyesight really seems to be getting worse based on how frequently I need to wear glasses when working on the computer. It used to be that prior to chemo  I did not need to wear my glasses when using my netbook. Now I pretty have to if I am doing any reading on it. If I play Text Twist and have it full screen I can get away without glasses.

Otherwise the house got painted today and looks good. It was a mellow day. Hope I feel even better tomorrow with more energy so I can do a few things around the house.